2024 Asteroidal Occultation Path Predictions

For 2024 asteroidal occultations I have posted path maps and event details for about 10,500 events. In addition, I have posted the occelmnt files generated by Occult when seaching for the events in each month. The monthly files contain many additional events - roughly 20,000 to 30,000 events per month. Observers can download the monthly occelmnt files and use Occult to look for events of interest which may not be included in the other postings on asteroidoccultation.com.

*** These path predictions are NOT the most up-to-date predictions. To obtain most up-to-date path predictions, for detailed observation planning, use OccultWatcher or OccultWatcherCloud. Starting with 2024, the predictions on asteroidoccultation.com are only provided to help observers identify events of interest when doing long-range planning.

Prediction Maps and event details

Use these links to access the monthly indicies for events with posted path maps.

Occult occelmnt files

Use the following links to download the occelmnt files for Occult. I have uploaded one file contatining all of the events with path prediction maps posted on asteroidoccultation.com. In addition, I have uploaded the raw (unfiltered) occelmnt files for each month (as generated by a search via Occult). The raw files are divided into three groups: general asteroids with a diameter greater than 8km; NEAs with a diameter greater than 100 meters; and TNOs + Centaurs. These files may contain more than 30,000 events. Occult may show a warning dialog for more than 20,000 events (unless you have modified the relevant setting).